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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Winter Lip Care Tips for Dry Chapped Lips

Dry Chapped Lips are a common problem in winter. Lips are very sensitive. Over exposure to the sun or cold and windy conditions, infections, allergies to cosmetic products, drugs, dehydration, frequent use of chemicals or soaps are some of the causes for the dryness to occur.

However, here are some home remedy to cure Dry Chapped Lips:-

1. Apply milk cream on the lips. This will help remove the dry dead skin and to make the lips smooth.

2. Rub a slice of cucumber on your lips. This would help cure dry and chapped lips.

3. Vitamin A helps to cure dry chapped lips. Increase in the intake of foods rich in vitamin A such as carrots, green leafy vegetables and tomatoes, legumes, whole grains and nutritional yeast.

4. In a tsp of glycerin, add a few drops of honey. Apply this paste on the lips and keep them overnight. This will help to keep the lips soft and smooth.

5. Pure ghee or butter is also beneficial in treating dry chapped lips. Apply a little ghee or butter into the naval. It helps to keep the lips smooth and heals the cracks formed.

6. Avoid wetting the lips with the tongue. It makes the lips dark, and lose the moister. The most simple and vital treatment for curing dry chapped lips would be intake lots of water.


  • At 12:48 AM, Anonymous anna said…

    You are right. I've applied milk cream to cure my Dry Chapped Lips and it's work great.

    Thanks a lot.

  • At 9:59 PM, Anonymous CoolBabe said…

    i am a man and i am telling that this helps a lady more attractive and give u much more pleasure when u ....
    so please tell girlfriend or wife to use this...


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