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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Care Skin in Summer

In summer,your skin can get affected and oily.To look living with smooth skin you should do the following.

Water importance: Do you know water can help to get a smoothly skin.Yes that’s real.Drink at least 6 lt water everyday and get instant result.Splash water 4-5 times in your mouth daily.If possible take bath twice daily.To get good result add some neem leaves in a soft warm water.

Cleansing:Make a habit to clean skin on daily basis.It will be if you use foaming face washes instead of soaps.Always try to keep chemical products away from your skin.Be familiar with Herbal Beauty Products.You could try Neem moisturising cream,promotes healthy skin while maintaining its natural luster and health.

Toning:People who sweat all day long can try toning.Use a good toner as it’s bad to wash face throughout the day.You can use Neem Soap, has anti-bacterial properties that deep cleanse the skin & improves complexion. It has a reputation to tone and nourishes skin, keeping it healthy.

Moisturizing:Use good moisturizing cream on bed dtime.Take enriched antioxidants (Vitamins A,C,E) cream.Antioxidant cream keep aging and fungus infection at bay.You should try Neem moisturizing Lotion with soothing and softening properties that nourishes and protects the skin and promotes natural luster and healthy blemish free skin.


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