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Friday, April 24, 2009

Eat grapes to prevent heart attack and lower BP

A University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center study suggests grapes may prevent heart risks beyond the simple BP-lowering impact that can come from a diet rich in fruits and vegetables.

The benefits may be the result of the phytochemicals - naturally occurring antioxidants - turning on a protective process in the genes that reduces damage to the heart muscle.

The researchers studied either the effect of regular table grapes (a blend of green, red and black grapes) that were mixed into the rat diet in a powdered form, as part of a high or a low-salt diet.

Comparisons were made between rats consuming the grape powder and rats that received a mild dose of a common BP drug. All the rats were from a research breed that develops high BP when fed a salty diet.

After 18 weeks,the rats that received the grape-enriched diet powder had lower BP, better heart function, and fewer signs of heart muscle damage than the rats that ate the same salty diet but didn't receive grapes.

Rats that received BP medicine,hydrazine,along with a salty diet also had lower blood pressure,but their hearts were not protected from damage as they were in the grape-fed group.

"There are the small changes that diet can bring,but the effect of grape intake on genes can have a greater impact on disease down the road,"said E. Mitchell Seymour, who led the research as part of his doctoral work in nutrition science at Michigan State University,said its release.

The study,performed in laboratory rats,was presented at the 2009 Experimental Biology convention in New Orleans.


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Care Skin in Summer

In summer,your skin can get affected and oily.To look living with smooth skin you should do the following.

Water importance: Do you know water can help to get a smoothly skin.Yes that’s real.Drink at least 6 lt water everyday and get instant result.Splash water 4-5 times in your mouth daily.If possible take bath twice daily.To get good result add some neem leaves in a soft warm water.

Cleansing:Make a habit to clean skin on daily basis.It will be if you use foaming face washes instead of soaps.Always try to keep chemical products away from your skin.Be familiar with Herbal Beauty Products.You could try Neem moisturising cream,promotes healthy skin while maintaining its natural luster and health.

Toning:People who sweat all day long can try toning.Use a good toner as it’s bad to wash face throughout the day.You can use Neem Soap, has anti-bacterial properties that deep cleanse the skin & improves complexion. It has a reputation to tone and nourishes skin, keeping it healthy.

Moisturizing:Use good moisturizing cream on bed dtime.Take enriched antioxidants (Vitamins A,C,E) cream.Antioxidant cream keep aging and fungus infection at bay.You should try Neem moisturizing Lotion with soothing and softening properties that nourishes and protects the skin and promotes natural luster and healthy blemish free skin.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Usefulness of Neem leaves

The evergreen tree found in India,southeast countries.Neem tree is commonly called as “The Village Pharmacy” because of its healing versatility.Neem leaves are widely used to cure various ailments of human,and animals.It’s physio-chemical properties help us to keep overall health.

Neem leaves are used to make a number of medicines and drugs.Many skin care natural beauty products are available in the market, which are made of neem leaves.
You can take neem leaves as following forms.
1. Raw leaves.
2. Neem leaf extract.
3. Neem leaf juice.

Neem leaves are one of the main compositions of many skin care product,herbal beauty product.
Many drug manufacturers make use of neem leaves for producing important drugs meant for diabetes, blood pressure,psoriasis,malaria,ulcer etc make use of neem leaves as an important composition/ingredient.

Source:Neem Product