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Monday, March 02, 2009

Hormone Disorder Drug Decreases Alcohol Consumption

Affiliated clinic Ernest Gallo showed that cabergolione injected rodents decreased their alcohol seeking behavior and alcohol consumption and were less likely to relapse.

The US Food and Drug Administration approve Cabergoline, which is marketed under the trade name Dostinex, in pill form to treat conditions caused by excess of the hormone prolactin.

Dorit Ron, principal investigator at the Gallo Center and associate neurology professor at UCSF, led the study. Notably, cabergoline did not affect the rats' consumption of sucrose and, in a subgroup of binge-drinking mice, the drug did not appear significantly to affect intake of water or saccharin.

Earlier Ron and her colleagues builds the research regarding the protein GDNF (glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor), which they had injected in rat’s VTA brain region, associated with drug-seeking behavior.

The former study where scientists consumed alcohol in rats, they found the rats behave like humans,drank in moderation,while others binged.But when GDNF was administered they got an unusual result which is optimistic too.Both heavy and light drinkers lost their carving for alcohol,reported by UCSF.

The outcome became visible within 10 minutes and stayed at least for 24 hours.Scientists found GDNF beyond its effect, on prevented brain area of rats from relapsing after a period of abstinence

This effect became apparent within 10 minutes and lasted at least 24 hours, the scientists discovered. Importantly, administration of GDNF into the brain prevented the rats from relapsing after a period of abstinence.



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