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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Eating disorder effects on body and mind

Eating disorders have terrible cost, physically, mentally, socially, psychologically and there are more disorder that even extensive in their effects.

Much researches has been conducted to find out the eating disorder effects and factors involved in their growth but different touching variables which are the main reason beyond it,has hardly been examined.

A study in Bosco Country University by doctoral researcher Aitziber Pascual focused on two objectives: to observe if certain emotional variables play a important role or not in the growth of these disorders.

A study on 433 women showed this result.143 suffered from some kind of eating disorder and 145 were in risk of contracting one.

The results show that the majority of the variables put forward can be used as predictive of suffering an eating disorder, said an UPV/EHU release.

These variables are when the emotional state of the person is excessively influenced by diet, weight and body shape, when self-esteem is low, and when, in anxiety situations, emotions are not expressed and the person tends to act in an impulsive manner.



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