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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

To Treat Kidney Chew Gum

A recent research has revealed that chewing gum with a phosphate-binding ingredient may help us to keep the fatal Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) at bay.Dialysis patients with chronic kidney disease could easily maintain the proper phosphate balance and prevent cardio vascular disease by applying this trouble-free technique.Hihg levels of phosphate is found in blood of a CKD patients during dialysis.High levels of phosphate is known as Hyperphosphatemia.Patients having hyperphosphatemania can not reduce their phosphate level by taking medication with proper diet.Because phosphate exists in hyperphosphate patient’s saliva.

Vincenzo Savica and Lorenzo A. Cal? of the Universities of Messina and Padova, Italy, respectively, and colleagues tested 13 dialysis patients with high blood phosphate levels to chew 20 mg of phosphate-binding chewing gum twice daily for two weeks between meals, in addition to their prescribed phosphate-binding regimen.

Savica and Cal?'s team found that salivary phosphate and blood phosphate levels decreased during the first week of chewing, and by a fortnight, salivary phosphate decreased 55 percent and blood phosphate decreased 31 percent from levels measured at the start of the study.

While these clarifications are beginning and need confirmation in a randomized,double blind,placebo controlled study with more participants;the findings indicate that this chewing regimen might help to control phosphate levels in patients with CKD.



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