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Friday, February 20, 2009

Daily Eat an Apple to prevent Breast Cancer

Medical science has proved that an apple a day,along with other fruits and vegetables may keep breast cancer at bay.A famous food scientist named Rui Hai Liu,stumble upon an idea that a fresh apple extracts significantly inhibited the size of mammary tumors in rats.Researchers explain a strong relation between extraction and inhibition.They are proportional to each other.

"We not only observed that the treated animals had fewer tumors, but the tumors were smaller, less malignant and grew more slowly compared with the tumors in the untreated rats," As told to a report by Liu in 2007.

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry revealed Luis conclusion."That reflects potent anti-proliferative (rapid decrease) activity,” quoted by Luis and against that citation researcher highlighted the important role of phytochemicals, commonly known as phenolics or flavonoids, found in apple, fruit and vegetables.

"These studies add to the growing evidence that increased consumption of fruits and vegetables, including apples, would provide consumers with more phenolics, which are proving to have important health benefits. I would encourage consumers to eat more and a wide variety of fruits and vegetables daily," Liu said.

Source:Times Of India


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