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Monday, December 08, 2008

Some herbal remedies for heart attack

Following are some herbs which are helpful enough to protect your heart from an attack or even can be used after an attack.

* Ginger has a tonic effect on heart. It lowers down the cholesterol level and inhibits blood platelet collection. Make a fresh ginger infusion using 2 slices of fresh root per cup of water. Take 2 cups on daily basis.
Ginger also helps to prevent atherosclerosis.

* Ginkgo biloba is also great for its action like supplying more blood to the brain, prevents accumulation of blood platelets and controlling angina. Taking 20 drops of tincture three times daily is quite helpful.

* Green Tea is excellent with its antioxidant property. Drinking around 10 cups daily is considered to be helpful for protecting heart from many diseases.

* Capsicum is also good for heart.



  • At 9:30 PM, Anonymous casanova said…


    I just visit your blog and like it. I know some homemade herbal remedies for heart attack.

    1) Mix one tablespoon of tulsi juice with one tablespoon of honey. Take it on empty stomach everyday. It is very effective for heart care.

    2) Try to increase the intake of vitamin E which improves the oxygenation of the cells. It does also protect your heart problem.

    But remember junk food and smoking increases the chances of heart diseases more, so it should be avoided. Try to do exercise in regular basis. It is most important for healthy heart.


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