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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

HRT protects Lung Cancer?

Hormone Replacement therapy or HRT is associated with a considerable reduction in the danger of Lung Cancer. The research on 70,000 women indicated that women’s risk for lung cancer was reduced by a significant 24% if they were currently using HRT. Carmen Rodriguez (American Cancer Society, National Home Office, Atlanta, Georgia, USA) with his co-workers say that "These results support the hypothesis that postmenopausal hormone therapy is associated with reduced risk of lung cancer".

Rodriguez and team found that current use of postmenopausal hormone therapy was associated with a significant 24% reduction in the risk for incident lung cancer, compared with no such treatment.

The risk reduction associated with current postmenopausal hormone use was the same for unopposed estrogen and estrogen plus progestin, the team reports. The protective effect was further reduced in never smokers at 44% but was still a marked in 24% in former and current smokers.

Rodriguez and his colleagues said "Given the prevalence of postmenopausal hormone use and the high incidence and mortality of lung cancer, further studies to confirm this hypothesis and to understand the biological mechanisms underlying a protective effect of postmenopausal hormone use on lung cancer are warranted."



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