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Monday, September 15, 2008

Play games and laugh to stay away from Stress

Recent studies have revealed the fact that games are not just for kids anymore. Game is a thing which can help out any people to exercise as well as relax their mind. In today’s lifestyle a person who takes part in a game on regular basis can keep away stress and tension far away. A recent study by The National Alzheimer Association concluded "Mentally stimulating activities strengthen brain cells and the connections between them, and may even create new nerve cells." Studies have shown chronic stress in a person’s life can lead to major problems like heart disease, stroke, insomnia, obesity, premature ageing and much more. Apart from playing any game laughing is also considered to be same level of good for overcoming and preventing stress.

Playing and laughing are excellent because they help to lower down blood pressure level, reduce stress hormones and boost immune system. Regular playing and laughing can stimulate brain to prevent memory loss and help to ease disease like Alzheimer’s.



  • At 9:45 PM, Anonymous Rituparna said…

    Our great hero Swami Vivekananda said that to take a part on the field game is better than studying our epics “GITA” at home. By playing we can get not only a fit body, but also a fresh mind & self confidence .Besides this we also get a sacred human character. For getting a good blood circulation and healthy nervous system ,we have to concentrate on our body movement. For getting a fresh mind we should always keep away from stress.

  • At 4:51 AM, Blogger chou said…

    My favorite de-stressing technique is to watch squirrels. Never-ending amusement. :)


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