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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Teeth whitening recipes

Teeth are a very important part of our daily life. It helps us to chew our food so that we can digest it properly. It even helps us to speak properly. Since, most the time we bite and chew our food, so we should take proper care to keep our precious teeth healthy and shiny. Hence, brushing and flossing are must to keep teeth strong.

The followings are the homemade teeth whitening recipes:

1. Make a paste of one teaspoon of lemon juice and one teaspoon of salt and use it to make your teeth super white.

2. Instead of brush, use steams of neem to clean your teeth and refreshes your mouth.

3. Use guava leaves to squeaky clean your teeth and looks bright.

4. Rub your teeth with inner white part of orange peel. It helps you to get lovely white shiny teeth.

5. Smash some fresh strawberries and rub it to whiten your teeth.

6. Dry the bay leaves and make powder out of it. Then use this powder to make your teeth bright.

7. Another way to make teeth super white is to use bark of walnut tree.

8. Finally, you can even rub your teeth with fresh sage leaves for whitening purpose.


  • At 10:09 PM, Anonymous loy said…

    Homemade toothpowder with my own recipe. It goes like this:
    Mix baking soda and salt in a proportion of 3:1. Use it regularly to make your teeth and gum strong.

  • At 8:59 PM, Anonymous maccy said…

    Hey thanks for the recipe. Sometimes I often become morose to see my teeth turning yellowish. But as I am afraid of dentist, so I can try out your home made formulas.

  • At 2:44 AM, Anonymous stacy said…

    To get relief from the toothache apply the mixture of ginger and roasted alum twice on the affected tooth.

  • At 11:28 PM, Blogger utpal said…

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  • At 8:19 AM, Blogger fredric said…

    Cool! Never thought that these kinds of procedure would be available. I used one before but it made my teeth even more sensitive. I hope this one will work.

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  • At 9:27 PM, Blogger Randy said…

    Wow! I'm happy to know that I can easily have whitening recipes at home. Yet I wonder if that would be applicable to me since I have dental implants. Lexington SC, my hometown! I do hope I can find all the ingredients at home.

  • At 7:51 PM, Blogger Gary said…

    That is great and inexpensive tips to make the teeth whiter. Making the teeth more white will boost anyone's confidence. I know everyone will be grateful of you sharing those ideas.

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  • At 12:58 AM, Blogger Jane Salter said…

    when you want a set of white teeth, avoid coffee and tea. when brushing your teeth, try scrubbing it first with baking soda mixed with water. after rinsing, proceed with brushing your teeth. - For information on Richmond dentistry visit Richmond Smile Center website.

  • At 12:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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