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Monday, August 07, 2006

Turmeric for healthy and beautiful skin :

Most of the Indian dishes contain turmeric powder. Apart from increasing the taste of the food it can also be used for skin care.
Turmeric is very useful for making skin fair and beautiful. It also increases the tonal value of skin. Different skin problems like pimples, acne and rashes can be cured by using turmeric cream. It is anti-pyretic and anti-inflammatory in nature.

Curcumin the substance is mainly responsible for giving turmeric its yellow colour. Turmeric powder can be used with cucumber and lemon juice as an excellent skin whitener. It can be used for all type of skin. Mixture of sandalwood paste along with olive oil, honey and turmeric is effective in rejuvenating dry skin.

According to medical science it has a wonderful effect on burning skin. Turmeric has been traditionally used in India for its wound-healing property. In one word it's a precious gift of Nature.


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